Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sometimes it is just hard to keep up one blog let alone two, with different emphasis. After all the big hoo-ha with the last two iDevice launch, things are getting quieter, not that the iLust is totally gone. People are still gathering around iTemples to fondle the iPad and iPhone 4, virtual queues are still there and the iPriest Steve Jobs is still smiling on the way to his iBank. (Maybe he is laughing, or maybe he is hurt a little slipping his rear on the Antennagate.)

The new iDevices are every where, not just geeks and nerd, seemingly techno-disabled people have been seen clutching at least one device. At a meeting recently, I saw 2 iPads, one iPhone 4 and 3 iPhoneAntiques at a table of 7 people. (Are these people having more sex also? Unfortunately this popped into my head before I could stop it, sigh, now I have a hard time trying to erase the image from my harddisk)

Confession time: I admit I was very tempted to snatch the iPads and hiss "My Precioussssss", such an evil thing of seduction!

So perhaps iPads are like rings of power given to Man, we are bestowed great power to access instant information with the tip of a finger. Some would use it wisely, others will be overcome with darkness to be set apart from the rest of the world, sitting in public places fondling their iPad in isolation.

In the end, the true master of the Ring will wield his power from Mount Doom, from the Dark Towers of Barad-dur, the great "i" sees all, and bind all the rings iPad with an OS upgrade. We will be compelled to do his bidding and buy new iPads.

This is no myth my friend, my iPod Touch is losing its strength, my precioussss is leaving me, must goes Apple storesees gets preciousss, minesees, its mine!

I was right! Mr Yap just said so too. Note also the last paragraph.
Since the problem has been reported on all three networks, it appears that there is no escape. I'm just hoping that these problems go away with the iPhone 4.
You cannot escape the power of the Ring.

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