Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinosaur still roaring

Nokia the old familiar giant maybe falling out of favour with the "in" crowd, but they are still hanging around. Working on their not too recently purchased Symbian OS, they now nickname the user interface  Anna. Why Anna I have no idea, probably of Russian origin to mean something sexy?

Being a long time Nokia user, I am pretty okay with their interface, but I noticed with newer phones it gets annoyingly lagged. Frankly I don't fancy a smartphone, my phone is basically a phone to receive calls and sms, maybe an emergency camera. The smart part I just defer to the iPod Touch.

So how are the new batch of Nokia's going to fare? Well the one thing I like is the very long battery life that they offer. The E6 has a standby time of 1 month. Wow. My current phone the E52 can go without charging for about 5 days to 1 week, with light phone calls and sms. Not as much fun as iPhone users but I don't have to worry about the phone dying in the middle of a call.

The other aspect is the physical keyboard. I prefer something I can touch press. Wish I could touch type, but too bad, have to settle for touch press. Much easier while driving and not needing to look down. Also I am a sucker for QWERTY keyboard, despite my speeling handicap.

So, maybe I might just stay with the Dinosaur on the brink of extinction for a while more. Who knows, 2012 is just around the corner.

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