Saturday, June 26, 2010

iOS4 Impressions

First Impressions

It starts up with a subtle difference, the icons fades in with a flourish and the dock now looks like its desktop cousin. The faux 3-D look didn't work for me in OSX and still does not work for me here. No big deal, just unnecessary and unappealing.
WTF 1 Hmmm where is the wallpaper? Oh right I have got a fossil of a device, wallpaper will just ruin the opening flourish.

Folders. It's a good thing, long overdue. Much easier to look for apps.

Mail. Electronic missives are now arranged in threads like Gmail, eases searching.

Airplane Mode. Curious setting at first, but now I realise it ties into WTF 2.

Battery life sucks. Strangely the juice drains out when the iPod is sleeping. It went from less than half full to barely quarter full in matter of 3 hours. Now putting it in airplane mode in case it keeps connecting through wifi while sleeping.

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