Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scrapping the barrel

Well it has been a long time since I updated this indulgent blog, what with work and personal issues (isn't that all in life?). Apple has been really been hard at work to earn just a mere few billion greenback recently, meanwhile I have been stressing out at work to earn something to donate to the Great Steve's pension plan. Not quite there as yet, oh you know just how many Red Sing Dollar Notes we need to buy anything Apple.

Surprisingly to most people, it is not the iPad that I am thinking of as yet. The latest fruity thingamajig that has me lusting is the almost eponymous Macbook Air. The 11 inch version is just the right size and weight as a "netbook" (in your face Steve Jobs!). Ok before I get struck down by a right swipe, let me clarify. The Air is ultimately one of the lightest carry-everywhere net surfing machine around, with enough horsepower to do more than that. A hacked Atom powered MSI just does not cut it with iWorks and simple sorting of photos, and Videos.

My issue with the Air is that I still find it really expensive to justify buying when I have a Macbook (Pre-owned and with 1 brain) that is still usable. Just not as portable and slick looking.

Having seen and fondled both the iPad and 11 inch-er Air, the question now is, with Lion looming over the horizon, will they have a love child that can run both Mac OS and iOS. Why can't Apple come out with a touch screen Air with a bluetooth keyboard?

That would be a magical love story.

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