Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beware the ides of March

It's been how long since the iPad was launched? At least 7 months since it landed on our shores. Since then tablets of all variety have been popping up like some crazy pharmaceutical garage sale. The strongest challenge now comes from Android based devices, all on the verge of starting their own growth explosion. Most look and feel like the incumbent, but early demos do show they worked on eliminating the weakness of the iOS/iPad combo. This of course is the week before the Temple of Cupertino proclaims it's new iLust device.

It's not the 15th of March I know, nevertheless is it still the date of "demise" of  non-Apple tablets? Rumours are such that it may actually be an interim release rather than the next jump ahead. So many false prophets out there, who do we believe? Oh the terrible wait til the good news is proclaimed.

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