Friday, February 25, 2011

One Dollar

A dollar is nothing for us living in luxury. But to quote
What can you buy with $1? If you live in a developed country, the answer is 'not much.' A movie ticket, a book, a bite to eat at the school cafeteria: they all cost more than $1. But for millions of people, that dollar has to last the entire day. In developing countries, 2.7 billion people live on less than $2 a day, and 1.1 billion scrape by on under $1.
Something to consider when we are clicking that BUY button.

Of course I am no altruist and the reason for the complaint to follow is I am a Grouchy Grinch Scrooge.  The Ebenezer in me screamed when they announced FaceTime for Mac will cost $0.99, MORE?! (Sorry mixing up Dickens here). And the gall to claim it is all because of accounting, regulatory crap that they have to pinch your wallet a little.  Loyal followers of the Temple of Cupertino just simply have to bleed a little every time the All-i bestow you with a gift. Ours is not a benevolent god.

The problem is this App is included free in the latest Macbook Pro. No luck to you stupid saps for purchasing a day earlier or a month earlier and a different model in my sorry case. Keeping my fingers crossed the beta version will not be disabled anytime.

Interestingly the FaceTime app was ranked number one the instant it was announced. I suspect the app store ranking ranks of nepotism.

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