Friday, February 25, 2011

Great Thunderbolt

Why Thunderbolt? In honor of a Norse God? Apparently it's a close collaboration between Apple and Intel. So will it surpass USB? So many questions. Clever of Apple, while being a year ahead of everyone else, the port is still perfectly functional for legacy display. Unless of course you are well-heeled to own both a Mac and a Lacie.

I am looking forward to the day where El Cheapo mini-displayport connectors are available. $44 for a display connector...No thanks.

I am also predicting a whole group of people struggling to plug in the power connector and wonder why it won't fit or power-up. Isn't that a power symbol? Or "Hey that fence is Thunderbolt enabled, let's plug in" ZAP!

The transfer rate on this little thing is faster than anything we have seen commercially. This Engadget writeup has a video of the thing squeezing video and data simultaneously. Sure it has a pesky 6 device limit, but face it after getting a Mac, there is not much money left to buy that many devices right?

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