Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lucky 13

Aluminium. Atomic weight 13. Vessels of sweetened nectar. Armour of i-devices

Confession time. I have gone over to the dark side, or more appropriately the aluminium side.
I finally succumbed to the followers of the All-i and squandered my life savings on the 11 inch Macbook Air. It is really useful as a Netbook, (Yes NETBOOK, in your face here is my wallet) and far more portable than a Macbook.

You don't have to worry too much about leaving it on or waking up from standby mode. Hibernates well as compared to Wintel Machines. Battery life is pretty decent from 3-5 hours on the run, the charger stays at home basically, but I am not a road warrior so I cannot attest to how good the battery is. It is however really good for couch potatoes surfers and saves turning on a 600W computer just to ride the internet waves.

One side effect of owning a Mac is you start obsessing about keeping it pristine. Day 1 I spotted a smudge next to the Apple logo, barely perceptible, but it really bugged me. Strange since I couldn't care less about the dust bunnies populating my desktop. Quickly I squandered even more life savings on protecting the Air, hard casing for the external, keyboard protector, palm rest protector and trackpad too. I stop short of a screen protector somehow.

I would recommend those whose livelihood depends on running around with a computer to get a Macbook Air. It would reduce the chance of expensive future orthopedic surgery for a dislocated shoulder. Unless you are using apps, sorry programs that won't run Mac OSX, or you prefer to invest your life savings. The iPad is currently still heavier and less versatile with heavier computing needs.

So is my blog still relevant? I may have converted to the Temple of Cupertino, but I still see the weakness in the Aluminium fortress. As I fondly caress my MBA, I shall still criticize. Think my soul is still safe for now. (Thunders rolls in the distance)

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