Friday, February 25, 2011

Up your bum

The phrase above is perfectly right while drinking with an Aussie.

Buy a Mac, chances are you might feel like it happened literally.

Of course this is extremely trivial compared to people whose world literally shook apart or simply killed for  trying to voice their displeasure about lack of basic necessity. So I am acutely grateful to be able to grouch in luxury.

Grouchy because I mis-calculated Apple's pricing strategy. This is unfortunately my more painful second time. Buying anything Apple is an art of timing, like going into the stock market, except you try to buy low but can never sell high. So far I have always aimed at getting last season Apple, until the Air. I just couldn't  resist it's oh so slender profile and I still love it. Except it is now $200 less. Bright side, I had a month to play. Stings less, but still hurts. Pity the person who got it a few days ago.

Need to pet my MBA now.

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