Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The circle of an apple's life

Here we go again. In just a little over 4 hours another proclamation from the Temple of Cupertino. This time is a new iPad. So what can they improve? Actually quite a few things.

Firstly it needs to lose weight, it is actually heavier than the Air. For something that is meant to be held like a magazine or paperback, should weigh only as much. There are rumours of carbon fibre framework.

Secondly, straighten your back. What's with the Quasimodo back? This particular curvaceous look is not sexy and impractical while typing on a table top. (Sure get a cover, I would agree as much. Still the curved back is silly.)

Front camera at least, FaceTime is a good thing to keep up with family. Back camera for large crowds would be nice, but I definitely am going to ROTFLMAO for anyone taking pictures with their hands.

Can Apple start using micro-USB connectors for goodness sake? Unless they really go crazy and do Thunderbolt only. What about SD slots or Micro SD? But that would mean a file manager of sorts for iOS.

Orientation lock. Why lock only in Portrait mode? Can't we lock in either?

Frankly with the Air and iPod Touch, I am not particularly fond of the iPad. I would like to introduce it someone who is gadget phobic and totally clueless to even things like the DVD remote. But I do love my mother very much, so I figured the iPad might open a window to the internet, or a can of worms, whatever.

Say what thou great gods of Cupertino, my purse lays ready to present its offerings.

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