Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Second of March Two Thousand and Eleven

The High Priest of Cupertino makes an appearance on the high holy day of Apple worship.

It is good to see him looking the same as the last time, hand to heart. Despite my undisguised disdain at times, I do think he is incredibly good at what he is doing, and I only wish him success in his battle with the terrible disease that afflicts him. Update: Just watched the keynote presentation, he visibly tires faster.

Back to the event.

Already the arrogance disguised as confidence is not oozing but pouring from every pore. Numbers thrown about are in the millionth and billionth. For the amount of time for human gestation, 15 million iPads were sold, which makes it more than all Tablet PCs ever sold, 90% of the market. Hey wait, now the iPad is a PC? Tablet PC sold previously were all running full desktop operating system. iPad took 90% basically because there were no comparative device out there. If any they would have to compare with iPhone/iPod which makes sense. The closest competitor was the Galaxy Tab, which mimicked the iPad and obviously Apple had a head start way way before anyone else. That was their true advantage, plus their strong foundation of a sensible UI from the iPhone. Criss Angel is scarily magical even though logically we know its all an illusion. So Steve sorry, it is still not magical, it was simply simple and unique

65 000 apps for the iPad. Most were ported over from the iphone, many are variations on a theme and largely games. Honey, Honeycomb is a new born compared to the more mature iOS market.

Yes Apple has made a device that is truly simple and fun to use, hey even a half year old baby knows how to swipe to unlock. It has also made George Romero's apocalyptic vision partially come to life. How many times have we encountered seemingly human person moving in a daze and repeating the same motion over and over again. Go on a public transport and you can see so many oblivious people, people focused on fingering their precious at the dining table. I admit I am one of those i-zombies, the social idiot, but I am a little self aware.

One screen shot of the keynote showed pilots handing off an iPad. New plane design : Fly by Pad.

"Hey Bob, get those pigs for me while I land the plane".

Unfortunately Apple's arrogance is how they achieved the current success. Confidence breeds arrogance and absolute confidence makes absolute arrogance.

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