Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's thinner and faster than a speeding supermodel

It is thinner and more comfortable. Twice the absorption oops wrong device.

Well it has gotten thinner. Or to quote Engadget's top Apple Picker "...the absurdly thin new iPad 2"
Again Mr Topolsky gushes absurdly. Consider the Air, THAT is absurdly thin. The iPod Touch 4 is dangerously anorexic compared to the clunky iPhone 4. The simple fact is that this should have been the actual size of the iPad from the beginning, evidenced by tear downs of the original tablet showing lots of space.

It is also faster than before, "insanely fast", "blazingly fast". Hmm, wait, the first was blazingly fast. So how is the new cerebrally doubled new A5 CPU also "blazingly fast"? Again Mr Topolsky sounds like the company that he loves. It's the best device the one you tempted us with before? EVER! It is great that they put in a dual core CPU. They should since everyone else has announced dual cores in their "copycat" product.

Curiously, the Great One, no no not the Picker, the High Priest himself, said the iPad 2 will be "the first dual core tablet to ship in volume". Hmm didn't you just compare yourself to Tablet PCs earlier? Think there were quite a lot of dual core Tablet PCs around way back. Also isn't Motorola's Xoom commercially available in stores, definitely a two head device also.

Ok I nitpick too much at the Great One and the other great one, only because they annoyz me. While they laugh their way to the bank, I shall shout from my little hovel.

Looking through the specs, my take is that this is the real iPad. Early adopters were paying to be the beta tester. Finally a mature product and hopefully a more mature iOS on the way too.
iPad 0.5

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