Monday, March 21, 2011


A new nickname for the Thunderbolt enabled Macbook was seen circulating on Macrumours forum pages, sounds cool, maybe apropos for the new machines sounding all fury with no actual lightning?

Reports that the Pro version of the notebooks are failing have started trickling in. So how does this new star fall? Apparently it crashes under specific load on the system, the OS just freezes when the system is stressed to a certain point. Well every system has its limits, so the question is just how commonly is the supposed critical load level reached by power users. Funnily one of the application involved is Photo Booth which is suppose to "fly" on the new iPad. The other programs seem to involve development programs which would definitely overload a lot of machines, especially mobile units. Would be interesting if someone was running photoshop and processing several large photos and it crashes, then it would be something for Apple to be concern about.

Unless they run more regular applications as opposed to development heavy programs, most regular people would still buy the Thunderbook.

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