Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Singapore the third class customer

The second magical device will be bestowed on us lower mortals starting 11th of March. Those on the land where the famed Temple of Cupertino reside will get first dibs, followed by a second release on the 25th to the citizens of the other Western kingdoms. The very kingdoms that almost brought the world economy to a standstill.

We in the east, where we slog and pay out debts on time, and where workers (China) un-magically slave away simply have to wait for the scraps to drop.

The US online stores show the new black and white iPad as available, while Singapore shows the old overweight first born. Magically the price slipped quietly by almost $200. Amusingly they did not drop the price of the refurbished units (which was listed as magically limited time offer: Hey presto time's up, you are screwed royally for believing)

How fortunate I wasn't tempted when it was a limited time offer. Now it's second hand at a premium of $80. Duh!

Update 4th March.
Singapore's online store just refurbished it's refurbish section. Now the pre-owned units reflect the global slip in price of the original iPad. Starting at $468, it is really tempting to own the beta iPad. At least you can get a taste of the future, even if it is a little old chunky.

They didn't even bother to excite us about the new iPad 2 on the local Apple site. In case the natives get restless.

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