Monday, July 19, 2010

Antennagate Press Conference 16th July

Antennagate conference, this taken direct from SteveNote, was held at a place strangely or aptly named Infinite Loop. Are they powering the Reality Distortion Field through infinite energy of their fans? Hallowed are the "All-i"? My bet is the RDF is powered by a Singularity Engine, codenamed SJ.

The presentation started with self deprecation to deflect their self importance and is followed by meaningless statistics and self congratulatory remarks. This time, they made comparisons to quite a few other brands: "See all smartphones lose signal strength when held. We are not unique!".


Throw in a front facing video camera and voila it's changing everything, again. Yawn. Losing signal strength? It because everyone else does it, duh!

Frankly I am not surprised by this whole antenna thing, when I first saw the new marvelous design, it had crossed my mind there would be a chance the antenna might be shorted out, just surprised it was simply with a finger and skin contact, when I was thinking more of keys and coins in a pocket.

If I were to purchase an iPhone, it would have been a non-issue for me as I would very very likely purchase a cover of sorts. After my iPod Touch getting scratched on the very first day, shiny new toys are afforded protection, the klutz that I am.

So Great Steve, you have a problem that some users complained about, stop sniping that they don't have the kungfu to hold your precious invention properly and really make your users happy. Customer happiness is not just a Keynote point.

Sincerity, it just works.

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