Saturday, July 24, 2010

iNag. iWhine. Oh Stop already

The iPhone 4 is set to land on the Little Red Dot in about a week, and the chorus of whine still rings from the Temple of Cupertino. Smarting from Antennagate, Apple has produced a slew of videos showing their competitor's phone also lose bars when strangled. Almost a week after the press conference on the 16th, they uploaded the latest video of the Motorola Droid X.

Sure, phones lose signal strength if you do an Anaconda grip, I tried it on my Nokia E52, but hey Apple, the iPhone 4 has basically a "death accupoint" (死穴) in Chinese Kungfu parlance. In case it's lost in translation, we shall call it the Gap of Oblivion, too obscure? Hows Death Spot? Comprende?

It would have been a simple issue to solve actually, even if I ever own an iPhone. As I said before, don't touch THERE. Seriously. That is commonsense. Use a case, even more commonsense with shiny glassy toys. But that is not for those on high to toss about with arrogance. Comparing yourself to competitors and saying you are no better than them or vice versa? Seriously? Calling that dumb would be the understatement of the Millennium.
Get over it and just collect the offerings from your followers. By harping on and on, you look like a spoiled rich brat. Oh that's right, Apple, you are rich. Brat on.

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