Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Lion, the Wallet and the Pad, The Chronicles of NahTeckmahMahnee.

In just under 3 hours, the iPad would be officially launched in the Little Red Dot, but of course the crops of temptation are no doubt shipping around quietly or nestled carefully for the storm tomorrow. Hopefully the only storm tomorrow as the region is battered by a real and dangerous storm.

Are there people queuing already? Never mind that, read Mr. Yap's advice if you are craving for iPad desperately. Wouldn't want you to tear your hair out to 2 simple words "sold out".

Intentional or not, Apple strategy has been to hype up a thirst and then satisfy it with mere drops. This initial craze just makes more thirsty believers begging for the sweet nectar and finally a self propagating chain reaction, you just have to have the thing.

This is the long breath before the deep plunge into the abyss.

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