Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Profits, profits, profits

Apple has exceeded the expectations of analysts this past quarter. Now we know why things are magical and revolutionary, the magic makes us happy with their over-hyped gadgets and their coffers magically overflowing. Revolu...well money revolves from our wallets to theirs..Duh!

Fueling the latest cash boom is the iPhone and iPad, their combined sorcery conjuring over a cool 3 billion dollars in profit. That is truly magical. In terms of sheer number, Nokia dominates the phone market, however Apple draws the most attention as, remarked a BBC analyst, it is the most innovative and stylish company around.

Apple is unique in style, with quite clean lines and different approach to design. It's shiny and attractive, looking all expensive. By tweaking each line and angle, they endow each product with pure seductive power a succubus would envy. Definitely a lifestyle toy, a look at me: I am cool and hip with a half eaten fruit.

Innovative? Are they? Well think about it, if you don't innovate, you die in this digital world of short life cycle, so yes they are innovative by default. Do they really come up with real original ideas ALL the time? That is debatable. Frankly the original iPhone was missing a lot of features, like for example MMS and video, in a time when sex clips of a teenage Singaporean couple were circulating with a speed even the Twilight movie would find difficult to match. Still it didn't stop the Great Steve from declaring its the best phone ever and a new religion was born. Hallowed are the All-i.

Moving forward to the new "bestest" phone ever...again, they manage to make it sound like 2 video camera was like something fresh and new and you can read books on it! Oh so wow. Actually front facing cameras have been around since ancient times, oh wait I have one too on my Nokia crap from about a year ago. Books? I had that on my Samsung MP3 player about 2 years back, page curling and that. So no....not innovating. What they have done is improved it very much, so that users don't have to think too much about how and just simply, magically use it. That, in my opinion, is what Apple is really good at.

Keep it simple, dummy. Or keep it dummy simple. It just works.

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