Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sanitary in Singapore

The little red dot will hit the Pad soon. Citizens of Singapore get padded up this time of the month 23rd July 2010.

No apologies for the unhygienic pun, hot on the heels of the media trumpeting the huge profit (70%??!!) by Apple in the last quarter, insults of any kind would be shrugged like mosquitoes sniffing around a pachyderm's rear.

Although the Singapore market is small, nonetheless it would be a bump for the next quarter's profit pronouncement. Add on the grey market of early adopters (you know who you are!), it would mean a neat little profit.

As my fellow blogger noted, a queue of devotees are expected at all iTemples. As much as I am under the iPad spell, I shall try to sit back and wait. News of "Pay to upgrade" means having second thoughts, although I am doubtful it is true, you just never know now that their egos are truly inflated. I am still hurting from the expensive iOS3 upgrade, one of those spellbound moments.

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